What is culture? – American Culture with the Cimorellis (Part 2)

In the first part of “What is culture?” you got to know all about culture! How you can define what a culture is, what the markers and artefacts of a certain culture are and so on…

This is the second part of the “What is culture?“-series. In this part you watch a music-clip called “Made in America” by the famous American girl band Cimorelli.

In this clip you find a lot of cultural markers and artefacts which are typical for the American culture. What are these? Which ideals and typical pattern do you find in this clip?

Exercise: Write it down in the comments below, what you found out about culture in the music-video “Made in America” by the American girl band Cimorelli!

A hint if you are new into Culture Studies to and try to solve the exercise: Do you know something about the so-called American Dream and the Independence Day, the 4th of July?

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