Signs for the female article “die” in German

In this blog you will find some hints when to use the female article “die” in German.

If a noun is female like the word “die Schwester” (the sister), you use the article “die”.

  • die Tante – the aunt
  • die Oma – the grandma
  • die Freundin – the girlfriend
  • die Ehefrau – the wife
  • die Stute – the mare (female horse)
  • die Liebhaberin – the (female) enthusiast/ lover

If you find noun words ending on a -e like in the word “die Lampe” (the lamp), you also use the article “die”.

  • die Pflanze – the plant
  • die Kerze – the candle
  • die Katze – the cat

The word ending -schaft in the word “die Eigenschaft” (the feature) is also a hint for the article “die”.

  • die Landschaft – the landscape
  • die Mannschaft – the team
  • die Botschaft – the message / the embassy (two meanings)
  • die Leidenschaft – the passion

 to be contined 

the German article – der, die, das

One of the biggest problems German learners have with is the German article, although German is very similar to the English language. It has to do, that in German there is not only the article “the”, but three ones, “der – die – das”.

But let’s start with some easy examples:

  • the man – der Mann
  • the woman – die Frau
  • the child – das Kind

Do you see the difference between German and English? In English there exists only the article “the” and in German there are three ones: der – die – das!

What you really should know about the German article:

Every noun in German has an arbitrary article, which you have to learn, but there are some hints, if it is der, die oder das.

Here is a funny song by the tv show “Sesamstraße” using the German articles: 😛 😛 😛