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Hier findet du jede Menge Lieder mit denen du super Deutsch lernen kannst:

Disney-Klassischer auf Deutsch:

Deutschsprachige Musik aus Ă–sterreich:

Learn German – Resources and Materials

Hello my English friends or friends of German! Maybe you are are intersted in new langauges, especially German. This is a great idea! German is a beautiful and easy to learn language, if you know how. If you are familia with English you may have no difficulties with German. You will do it easy, because German has a very simular grammar like English and otherwise. Additionally you have to learn the gender-articles, but also specific declinations. German is also a reflexive language like French or Spanish. If you love linguistics, especially grammar and phonetics, you will doing well with learning German!

By the way: Germany with a Y at the end of the word is the name of a country close to Austria and Swiss, but German without a Y at the end of the word is the name of the German language which is spoken in Austria, Swiss and Germany. If you are not sure which German you should lern, just choose the Austrian one, it’s much better than the Germanys one!

If you are looking for good resources for learning German by yourself I would suggest you the following websites:

Signs for the female article “die” in German

In this blog you will find some hints when to use the female article “die” in German.

If a noun is female like the word “die Schwester” (the sister), you use the article “die”.

  • die Tante – the aunt
  • die Oma – the grandma
  • die Freundin – the girlfriend
  • die Ehefrau – the wife
  • die Stute – the mare (female horse)
  • die Liebhaberin – the (female) enthusiast/ lover

If you find noun words ending on a -e like in the word “die Lampe” (the lamp), you also use the article “die”.

  • die Pflanze – the plant
  • die Kerze – the candle
  • die Katze – the cat

The word ending -schaft in the word “die Eigenschaft” (the feature) is also a hint for the article “die”.

  • die Landschaft – the landscape
  • die Mannschaft – the team
  • die Botschaft – the message / the embassy (two meanings)
  • die Leidenschaft – the passion

… to be contined …

Was ist ein Hawara?

“Hawara” (der) ist ein umgangssprachliches Wort aus dem Wienerischen und bedeutet soviel wie Freund/ Kumpel. Die Mehrzahl des Wortes ist ebenfalls Hawara (die).


  • Heute gehe ich mit meinem besten Hawara zur Donauinsel schwimmen.
  • Die Polizisten sind nicht deine Hawara!
  • Jesus und seine Hawara.


The word “Hawara” is a German slang-word, very popular in Vienna. It means the same as the word friend.

schwimmen gehen – go swimming

Was machst du heute bei diesem schönen Wetter?
Ich werde mit Freunden ins Gänsehäufel schwimmen gehen.

schwimmen + gehen (beides Verben)

werde schwimmen gehen
– Ich werde morgen schwimmen gehen.

Austrian songs and music on Youtube

Hey Guys! Do you like music?

Learning a language is one thing, but the culture of a country, where a language is spoken is another thing.

I created a little playlist of Austrian music and songs on Youtube to get you know the Austrian music culture better!

Now, Check it out on Youtube: