Signs for the female article “die” in German

In this blog you will find some hints when to use the female article “die” in German.

If a noun is female like the word “die Schwester” (the sister), you use the article “die”.

  • die Tante – the aunt
  • die Oma – the grandma
  • die Freundin – the girlfriend
  • die Ehefrau – the wife
  • die Stute – the mare (female horse)
  • die Liebhaberin – the (female) enthusiast/ lover

If you find noun words ending on a -e like in the word “die Lampe” (the lamp), you also use the article “die”.

  • die Pflanze – the plant
  • die Kerze – the candle
  • die Katze – the cat

The word ending -schaft in the word “die Eigenschaft” (the feature) is also a hint for the article “die”.

  • die Landschaft – the landscape
  • die Mannschaft – the team
  • die Botschaft – the message / the embassy (two meanings)
  • die Leidenschaft – the passion

… to be contined …